Professional Forum for Equality (Ligeværd Fagligt Forum) 

Professional Forum for Equality was founded in november 2017 based on the unification of 4 former organizations working with education, employment and housing of people with special needs. The wish was to unify and strengthen the common work. 

The members of Professional Forum for Equality are schools, educational institutions and companys who are devoted to the bettering of the conditions for people with special needs in terms of education, employment, housing and social opportunities. The aim of Professional Forum for equality is to promote equality in all areas of life and improve options for children, youth and adults with special needs. 

All members are working holistic with all the potentials and opportunities of the whole person. 

Professional Forum for Equality is working with: 

  • Developing pedagogical tools thruogh projects, cooperation and academic and scientific research and reports to find ways to improve education for people with special needs. Education in the memberinstitutions embraces especially organized and practical education, education in skills to live on their own and developing the social skills. The organization constantly tries to affect the agenda in the society, and influence the political agenda, as a whole to improve opportunities for people with special needs. 
  • Including children with special needs in primary schools is a prime agenda in the country. It is essential that inclusion is based on the single child and the challenges that is present for that child. It also is essential that inclusion takes place in a dialog between authorities, professionals and the parents. Inclusion has to be founded on respect for the child, and the knowledge that not every child can be included in primary schools. Badly performed inclusion of a child can lead to the opposite, exclusion.  
  • Finding place and get employment is a hard challenge for people with special needs. Professional Forum for Equality is working to develope the market for employment to embrace people with special needs. Specific the organization works for the strengthening of Corparate Social Responsability and developing the market for and the possibilities in social economy. 
  • Contributing to solving of the pronounced need to find appropriate an d afforsable living quarters for people with special needs is of high importance for Professional Forum for Equality. Finding housing that meets the requirements of special needs persons, who want and are able to establish an independent adult life, can be problematic. Appropiate housing is essential for the opportunities to get employment and find a place in the community. 


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